WebinarFoolproof Your Financial Application Testing

Fintech applications are fueled by advanced technologies, complex regulations and critical data security requirements. This calls for dedicated resources and specialized expertise to test the fintech applications. Watch this webinar video to understand the important things to consider when testing financial applications.

In this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • Importance of domain expertise testing financial apps
  • How to foolproof your financial application testing
  • Types of financial app testing like API, functional, automation, performance, and security
  • How QASource has helped businesses improve development and testing for forex & crypto trading applications
Learn How QASource's Financial Application Testing Webinar Can Help You

Why QASource?

Thanks to you all for the skills you've brought to our testing efforts. We are very excited for you and look forward to our ongoing partnership in the future.
Vice President of Product Development - TechSmith

Foolproof Your Financial Application Testing

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