How We Price QA Testing Services

QASource customizes each engagement based on our customer's specific testing needs, number of resources needed, and whether those resources will be offshore or nearshore. For that reason it is not possible to provide exact pricing, however, the cost is generally close to a 3:1 ratio for the cost of offshore vs. employees. In other words, you would get three resources for each full-time engineering employee.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our services and/or offshore QA testing more generally and to provide a no-obligation cost estimate based on your requirements.

What We Will Discuss On Our Call

  • Your QA testing requirements
  • The scope of testing needed for your business
  • Our QA testing services options
  • The cost of offshoring or nearshoring QA testing that meets your company’s specific needs

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Your focus on technical excellence and client success are underscored by the loyal and long-lasting client relationships you’ve maintained. They have also been a key source of the success for my team and product here at IBM and previously at Valchemy and MAE Software. Quality assurance is more than just finding and tracking bugs. It’s about being intimately involved with all aspects of a product and influencing each step of its lifecycle to make it a success in the marketplace - from its architecture to design to implementation and customer deployment. And the team at QASource understands this. QASource has had a tremendous impact on our product, and I thank you and your team for the great work.
- Pete and the IBM Accelerator team

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