QASource’s Comprehensive eLearning QA Testing Checklist

Does your team have an up to date and scalable QA testing strategy for the growing eLearning application and learning management system markets? Make sure with our new checklist!

QASource’s Comprehensive eLearning QA Testing Checklist

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This Checklist will Help Your Team:

  • Create a Comprehensive Testing Strategy
  • Ensure your application passes industry regulations
  • Record and report on critical development and testing data
 QA Testing Checklist for eLearning Apps and Learning Management System

Among the Best QA Team I Have Worked With

Your organization has enabled me to identify priority and other issues in a manner and depth of which I would not otherwise have been capable. Some of the issues that your team has uncovered and determined how to reproduce are amazing; I have worked in software in a lot of organizations and your team has been among the best QA that I have worked with, if not the best.

Managing Director for New Media/Advancement

QASource’s Comprehensive eLearning QA Testing Checklist

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