Our Response to Covid-19

2020 was a difficult year. Plain and simple. But, as we move into 2021 I think it’s important that we reflect on a few of the positives from last year, share with you how we navigated challenges in 2020, and let you know our team's plan for this upcoming year.

First off, I’m pleased to report that our consistent monitoring of Covid-19 and our focus on preparedness, safety and business continuity throughout this crisis allowed QASource to remain 100% open and keep all of our employees employed, which was our number one priority.

In order to ensure our customers' success, we put a variety of measures in place last year. A few of these include:

New Tools Focused On:

  • Improving communication between our customers, engineering, and customer success teams
  • Strengthening our security measures internally and between customers
  • Fostering our employees’ health and wellness

New Processes Focused On:

  • Enabling our 900+ employees with the necessary remote working equipment to meet our customers' testing and development needs
  • Creating smooth and efficient remote onboarding and offboarding
  • Increasing and streamlining collaboration between our engineering teams and customers

Overall, we remained committed to consistent and transparent communication with all of our employees, customers and partners worldwide and leaned on the company's culture we’ve fostered for decades here where people are at the center of everything we do.

Please reach out if you or your team needs any development, testing or DevOps resources. Our team offers customized solutions, is able to onboard in less than 48 hours and would love to partner with your organization.

Rajeev Rai, CEO

QASource provides software QA and development services to some of the most highly respected and fastest-growing companies in the world.

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